How to Stop Windows 10 from Auto-Updating

Windows 10 has this habit of downloading updates, installing them in the background and attempting to restart your computer “outside of operation hours” without allowing the user to control the whole update process.

To make the situation more frustrating, there are a lot of instances where the updates actually break Windows 10.

While Microsoft figures out how to properly serve the system updates, we can put a workaround in place to block Windows 10 from auto-updating your machine.

Part 1 – Update & Security

Head to:

Start Menu > Settings

Now in the Settings, navigate to Update & Security > Advanced options

Update & Security

Make sure that the below option is set to Off as seen below:

Disable Windows Update over metered connections

Part 2 – Network & Internet

Start Menu > Settings > Network & Internet

Click on the option “Change connection properties”

Under, Set as metered connection, set it to On.

Metered connection

I should stress that this has no implications on your internet connection. Simply Windows 10 thinks that your connection is a metered one so no sneaky windows update anymore.