Move Comments

WordPress does not have an option to move comments between posts or pages. Move Comments is a WordPress plugin that allows comments to be moved from one page or post to another.

It adds a sub-page under ‘Comments’ where you can filter comments by post or page title, tick the ones you want to move and finally select where to move them to.


The plugin is provided as a compressed zip file. You can use any program that can uncompress zip files (like IZArc or StuffIt) to extract the plugin.

Download Social Bookmarks

Latest version: 2.4

Installation Instructions

Extract the download on your computer and upload the move_comments folder to wp-content/plugins/. Finally, enable the plugin from the ‘Plugins’ page.

Submit a Problem or Feature Request

If you have downloaded the plugin and either you spotted a problem with it or have an idea for a new feature, then please submit it to the issue tracker rather than posting a comment in the web site.

Don’t forget to include as much information as possible and check whether someone else has submitted the same issue before you press the submit button.