A software developer based in Athens, Greece, Apostolos Dountsis, having lived and worked for a decade in Brighton, UK, is now unleashing his expert iOS and web skills in the Greek and international market. In his limited spare time, he develops iOS applications & games under the Monkeyloft label and open-source plugins for CMS systems like WordPress and Drupal, applications for iOS devices and web apps using web frameworks like CakePHP and CodeIgniter.

Apostolos delivers effortlessly server-side solutions and front-end results (focusing not only on CSS, XHTML, web standards, but also on usability and accessibility). Further, his experience on Unix based systems like IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and Apple X-Serve in conjuction with his Korn scripting and AWK skills make him the ideal person for a variety of freelance projects.

In 2005, Apostolos took the decision not to continue using the Microsoft Windows operating system, a universe filled with legacy issues and viruses, trojan horses and other malware, for his everyday computer needs. Therefore, he embarked in the world of the Mac OS X with a Mac mini and a MacBook Pro. He has not regretted his decision not even once and since then has assisted a lot of people to enter a world with no viruses where things really just work!

Interests & Hobbies

His life is centered around five things: his gorgeous sons Alexander & Jason, his lovely and beautiful wife, Mina (an established EU lawyer specializing in Company & Commercial Law), software development, Formula One and video games on Nintendo and Sony systems.

PlayStation Portable ID

You can also encounter him on the World Of Warcraft Universe. He has set on a journey to the EU server Nagrand (PvE) with his characters:

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