Release Notes

The complete changelog of the Social Bookmarks plugin


  • LinkedIn is now supported.


  • The XML file has been updated to rectify the XML compatibility. (Thanks George from
  • The Stumble Upon submission url has been updated.


  • The XML file has been updated to rectify the XML compatibility. (Thanks George from


  • The “Do not display the links on selected pages” option in the Admin section is now forces a fixed height.

4.1.2 (8 June 2009)

  • Added support for Twitter.
  • Dropped the following sites:
    Feed Me Links
    furl (merged with diingo)
  • Updated the links for the fleck and maple.

4.1.1 (8 February 2009)

  • Added Tip’d
  • CSS and JS loading optimization on the Dashboard.

4.1 (2 January 2009)

  • Updated the link for Fark
  • Blue Dot is now called Faves
  • Added Buzz by Yahoo!
  • Added a Fequently-Asked-Question in the About page.
  • Optimized interface for WordPress 2.7
  • The plugin now uses the Scriptaculous library supplied by WordPress.
  • Fixed the Cannot redeclare class social_bookmarks issue.
  • Fixed the issue where the images were not appearing on a number of windows PHP servers.
  • Updated the url for sk*rt as now it is called kirtsy.
  • The admin section is now located on a top-level menu in Dashboard.
  • The options are now divided into separate pages to avoid the vertical scrolling.
  • The link to all the social sites now includes a nofollow attribute.

4.0.65 (14 March 2008)

  • AJAX Hide-Show bug is now fixed!
  • Nifty 404 is now fixed.

4.0 (14 November 2007)

  • Added Support for WordPress versions greater than 2.1.x (Tested up to 2.3.1)
  • Added AJAX interface (can be enabled or disabled from the Options Page in the Dashboard).
  • Fixed the problem where the images where not loaded if the plugin directory was named as social-bookmarks.
  • Fixed the spacing issue that was caused with the use of some Themes.
  • Complete re-write of the plugin code
  • Localization support. Additional language packs can be placed on the plugin directory to add language specific social sites.
  • Loads of new sites are included as part of the international English pack (50 in total).
  • The Image spacing issue that was occuring with some theme has been resolved.
  • New Button look.
  • XHTML compatibility has been improved.

3.2 (24 January 2007)

  • WordPress 2.1 is now supported
  • Manual positioning of the plugin in the theme is now possible.

3.1 (19 November 2006)

  • Tailrank and Bloglines have been added in the supported sites.
  • An option has been added in the admin menu to specify whether the plugin will be visible in the blog listing (index.php) and/or in the single post page.
  • This version introduces a bug fix that addresses the issue that some users had with changing the display title.

3.0 (05 October 2006)

  • The plugin is now bundled in a class.
  • Option Menu (Admin)
  • XHTML Compliance
  • Renamed plugin to Social Bookmarks
  • Sidebar is now deprecated
  • Removed mytuts file as the site is no longer available
  • The sites are now stored in a separate XML file.
  • 12 more sites have been added and their PNGs.
  • The plugin is now using an external stylesheet.
  • Excerpt is now supported.

2.0.1 (17 September 2006)

  • The link to Technorati has been updated.
  • Yahoo and Newsvine have been added on the plugin.

2.0 (23 August 2006)

  • The plugin now supports blogs that are located in a subdirectory of your site.
  • The bar is now displayed at the end of the posts.
  • The plugin is no longer limited on the single page of a post.
  • Yahoo and Newsvine have been added to the plugin.
  • Last but not least, no more modification of any template files!