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Setup a Development Environment for Your WordPress Site

How many times you have stumbled upon a theme or a plug-in that you want to test on your site? WordPress does not offer a preview feature so the only option is to make it live which should not be the prefered (and only) option while testing or in general experimenting with new features.

In this article, we will investigate how we can setup a copy of our WordPress powered site on a local machine will serve as a development and test environment.

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Setting up Eclipse for PHP

The pursue of a PHP editor is not a easy one. Over the years, I have tried a variety of editors. Some of them were generic text editors, like Notepad, VI, Pico, Textpad, KEDit, XCode and some dedicated PHP editors like Zend and PHPEdit. I needed a PHP editor that I could use on my Mac mini and my PC computer at work. I couldn’t find one that was meeting all my needs. Zend editor is a good choice but it is expensive and slow. Hence, PHPEclipse.