Aperture 3: Delete Photos After Import from iPhone

Aperture 3: Delete Photos After Import from iPhone

Aperture 3 is an amazing product. However, when importing images from an iPhone (or any other device like a digital SLR camera), it does not prompt the user to delete those images off the device. It turns out there is a simple fix for that but its not in Aperture at all.

Open up Image Capture from your Applications folder while the iPhone is connected. Click on the iPhone’s icon under “DEVICES”. There is an option to “Delete after import” from the bottom left-hand corner. You can perform your import using Image Capture and send it to Aperture. This creates a project called “Image Capture” in Aperture.

It turns out the Image Capture is a very useful tool. You can browse your images and see their EXIF data including GPS coordinates in a simple table view. You can import your images and delete them right from the simple interface. Please note, that it doesn’t handle videos well so be careful.

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